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Advantages of buying a dashboard camera


A dashboard camera is one of the most important accessories for your car. It will improve your driving experience in more ways than you can imagine. If you are looking for a dashboard camera, then you have to choose one that will serve your needs well. With the improvement of technology, we now have dash cameras that have additional features like GPS. The GPS and car video recorder are some of the features that you should consider when looking for a dashboard camera. You can fit a dashboard camera in any car.

Reasons to buy a dashboard camera

Evidence in case of accident

A dashboard camera comes with a recorder, and you can use the recorder to provide evidence. In most cases when an accident occurs no one admits to being in the wrong. This causes a lot of problems, and it becomes difficult to determine the person responsible for the accident. On the other hand, when you have a dashboard camera you avoid a lot of trouble. You can always get information on the recorder to determine what exactly happened during the accident.


Prevent accidents

Apart from providing evidence when an accident occurs, a dashboard camera can be used to prevent accidents. For new drivers who are experiencing problems with reverse parking, a dashboard camera will just do the trick. The camera will show you where you are supposed to park because you can easily see the back. With a dashboard camera, you don’t have to keep hitting the pavement all the time.

Security of your car

A dashboard camera is also a good way to keep your car safe in case you are not around. When you decide to give your car to your teenager, you can also monitor the car and check their driving habits and the places they visit. Most of the dashboard cameras have a GPS camera, and you can always determine the location of the car at each time.


Become a better driver

You can become a better driver by installing a dashboard camera in your car. The camera will help you improve your driving skills in a big way. You can always know where you are going and the environment around you when driving. By using a dashboard camera, you will learn how to be keen when driving and this is a good step in improving your driving skills.

How to fetch the right resale value for your property


So, you have arrived at the decision to sell your home. What must be definitely going through your mind is how to get the best deal for your property. Before you put up a notice that informs the public that your house is on sale or pass the news to your friends and family, keep in mind the fact that the realty market in some states and countries has been slow. Therefore it is advisable that you make some effort to ensure that your property looks appealing and attractive to your potential buyers. Below are some tips that will help you enhance the resale value of your house:

Pep up the exteriors

After purchasing a house, homeowners usually spend money, energy and timgfcfgvghvhnbhe in designing the interior of the house according to their desires. The important fact that they overlook is that the exterior plays a significant role in convincing a potential buyer to either consider the property or not. The exterior is what is first seen before taking a look at the interiors. Hence it is vital that you pay attention to pepping up the exteriors of your house as much as the interior so as to get a better resale value.

Create additional space

Having an extra room is ok, but it will be useless if it serves no purpose. Instead of an extra room come up with ways to increase the space in the house. There are lots of architect firms with interior designers that are capable of altering the physical dimensions of your house to make it more spacious. A room that is spacious will fetch a higher resale price compared to one that has a small extra room.

Conduct minor repairs

A significant portion of your house resale value will be reduced if the property has a number of unattended repairs. A potential buyer will be interested in knowing the current physical condition of the house and the anticipated longevity of the house making an ultimate decision. The sight of leaking pipes, falling patches damaged floor will definitely lower the property’s value. Make sure all minor repairs are handled regularly.

Keep a cushion for price negotiation

gfcgvgvhvhjIt is advisable to price your house with some cushion for reduction during the negotiation stage. You should also consider the current market rate of similar properties and how the deals have been finalized before deciding on your price or agreeing to the price offered by the potential buyer of the house.

How to make your restaurant stay ahead of the game


It is no secret that the restaurant industry is extremely competitive. Franchises and take away restaurant exist everywhere that there is human population. If you own a restaurant that is not part of a chain, it can be quite difficult to stay ahead of the game. One key factor that can help you stay ahead is having a niche. This implies that you must have something that is unique and different from the others that will bring customers to your establishment. Below are some tips that will your restaurant stay ahead of the game:

Have unique dishes

Ensure that you have a unique set of dishes on your menu. Prepare dishes that no other rerdrfdccfgcfhgvstaurant makes. For instance, if your restaurant is in an area that is filled with restaurants that offer fast foods, you should be different by preparing healthy meals and soul foods. You can also serve larger portions and ensure that your food is delicious and mouthwatering. If you cannot prepare the foods well you can employ the services of a professional chef to do the cooking.

Add a value service

Adding a value service can be anything that you offer your customers for free. This can be something like a free cup of tea to accompany a breakfast meal or free refills of refreshments if the customer purchases a certain lunch meal. You can also choose to offer a buy one get one free deal that will attract clientele to your restaurant in large numbers. By enticing your customers with offers, they will most likely order other items from your menu hence elevating your sales.

Be kid-friendly

A lot of individuals have families, mostly with little kids. If possible include a safe playground area in your establishment and ensure it is always supervised by a nanny, who can keep an eye on the children when their parents are enjoying their dishes. A playground could create a huge difference between you and your competitors thus making you a better choice for customers.

Acquire quality equipment

rdrfdccfgcfhgvMake a point of investing in quality equipment for your restaurant. If you own the best catering equipment to dice, slice and prepare your food, your customers will realize it. Quality catering equipment will ensure that maintain consistency with each meal you prepare because you will have control over the portion size and timing for each meal that your restaurant prepares.

St Michael Catholic Church and School in Garden City, South Carolina

572 Cypress Avenue
Garden City, South Carolina 29576
Church Office: 843-651-3737
Fax: 843-651-6316

Weekday Mass Services
Mon. and Sat. at 8am
Tues. through Fri. at 8am and 12:05pm
Weekend Mass Services:
Saturday Vigil:
4:00pm and 6:00 pm
7am, 9am, 11am and 5:30 pm

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm
Monday through Saturday
7:30-7:55 am

Reverend Raymond J. Carlo, Pastor

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Protecting God’s Children
“Centered in the Eucharist and Gospel values, the parish family of Saint Michael welcomes all to share the treasure of our Catholic faith. We nurture faith formation of all ages and strive to reach out to the needs of the entire community.”
542 Cypress Avenue
Garden City, South Carolina 29576
School Office: 843-651-6795
Fax: 843-651-6803

St. Michael Catholic School is a
Catholic elementary school open to
all faiths in grades Pre-K through 8.
Serving Horry and Georgetown counties.

General School Hours:
8:00am to 2:30pm
Monday through Friday.
Kindergarten is dismissed daily at 2:15 pm
Grades 6-8: Classes begin at 7:45am

Children’s Mass: Friday at 9am
(9:30am every third Friday of the month.)
Visitors are invited to attend.

Sister Roberta Thoen, Principal
Nancy Esposito, Administrative Assistant

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