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Five Qualities of Good Estimating Software

a building layout

The speed of the budget calculation of a construction project determines the qualification of a contractor company. If your specialization is in the construction field, then you have to know how to get the right takeoff estimating program that suits your pace. Find that knowledge below!

Scalable Service

a measuring tape and a layoutFirst, you have to realize that you may not need all of the offered features of a program. For example, historical database, what-if analysis, and quality control checklist are several features that are not fundamental to an estimation program, especially for small projects.

However, subscribing to a service that offers limited features is also not a wise act. You should choose a product that is open to upgrading because you do not want to close your eyes to the possibilities of handling more extensive projects in the future.

High Compatibility

Your estimation program must support multiple data formats. You have to note the chances of your customers and co-workers to use different estimator. The next thing to think about is to check your estimator’s compatibility with commonly used software in the construction industry, such as Microsoft Excel and Intuit QuickBooks. The task of construction estimating requires you to collaborate with many parties. And in that case, flexibility will get you the upper hand in the competition.

Moreover, more and more executives these days prefer to use portable gadgets. You want your data to be compatible with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It will make your project presentation go smoothly anywhere and anytime.

Easy Cost Tracking Interface

An estimating program is supposed to give you a detailed calculation of the materials and construction costs of a project. Therefore, you want a program that enables you to shift between estimations fast and effortlessly because, in reality, clients often ask about the project parts incoherently. They want to know what they want to know. And as a contractor, you are better to fulfill your client’s request.

24/7 Flawless Support Service

office phoneIf anything can go wrong, they will. No matter how promising the advertisement for an estimating program is, you have to check how the company handles complains and inquiries. Even if you believe that you are an expert in using project takeoff software, there will always be updates. And the last thing you want during a presentation is an interface that looks alien to you.

You should try to contact the provided phone line, and inquire through emails. After that, see how long it takes for the company to respond to you. In fact, you should evaluate how calm and helpful the company’s representative is when you ask them about basic stuff. A good service will answer your questions without undermining you.

Safe Protection Policy

When you opt for digitalization, you need to realize that it is now without risks. And among the concerning ones, cybersecurity is the most prominent issue that you have to address before you entrust your data to a provider company.

First, you should check the estimation program provider’s reputation. You should see if there has been a disgruntled client. And if there is, try to ask for the detail.

Second, you have to ask the company about its data protection policy. What will they do if they lose your data? What will they do if there is a third party intervention?

Steps to Buying the Right Franchise

If you want to be your boss, finding is a good franchise is among the ways to succeed in business. Below are steps which will guide you in selecting franchise opportunity for sale. Read on

Evaluate Yourself

hair cutting, barber shopWhat do you want to achieve by owning a business? What are you good at? How much are you planning to invest? What hours are you planning to be working? Where do you want to operate your business from? What will be your exit plan in the future if need be? After answering the above questions, you will have an answer to the franchise opportunity to invest in.


The source of business capital and the amount you want to invest in is among the major concerns when starting a business. Unless you have millions of money at your disposal, sit down and plan carefully on how much you are willing to spend.

Evaluate the Industry

Take a list of the available and current franchise list and evaluate them. I will advise you to concentrate more on categories or industry groups. Based on what they have to offer, ask yourself if they are at per with the answers you got from the questions on one above. If it does not meet your evaluations, pass and repeat the process until you get the best.

Consider the Economy

fast food businessLook at the business you want to settle with and ask yourself if you genuinely believe that it will stand even in tough economic times. Will the business stand in the competitive market? To be honest, the above will happen if the business is fast food because people must eat, hair cutting business, people’s hair will always be growing and wanting a cut, but it might not happen with expensive service business or upscale retail. Be very careful and wise when making your selection.

Identify Franchise Companies

By now you have your options narrowed down, and you know exactly what you want. Pick a company from each category. It is advisable to pick companies which have a territory and name in your location. From the list in each category pick the one with the most attractive and which meets all your requirements in point one.

Advantages of buying a dashboard camera


A dashboard camera is one of the most important accessories for your car. It will improve your driving experience in more ways than you can imagine. If you are looking for a dashboard camera, then you have to choose one that will serve your needs well. With the improvement of technology, we now have dash cameras that have additional features like GPS. The GPS and car video recorder are some of the features that you should consider when looking for a dashboard camera. You can fit a dashboard camera in any car.

Reasons to buy a dashboard camera

Evidence in case of accident

A dashboard camera comes with a recorder, and you can use the recorder to provide evidence. In most cases when an accident occurs no one admits to being in the wrong. This causes a lot of problems, and it becomes difficult to determine the person responsible for the accident. On the other hand, when you have a dashboard camera you avoid a lot of trouble. You can always get information on the recorder to determine what exactly happened during the accident.


Prevent accidents

Apart from providing evidence when an accident occurs, a dashboard camera can be used to prevent accidents. For new drivers who are experiencing problems with reverse parking, a dashboard camera will just do the trick. The camera will show you where you are supposed to park because you can easily see the back. With a dashboard camera, you don’t have to keep hitting the pavement all the time.

Security of your car

A dashboard camera is also a good way to keep your car safe in case you are not around. When you decide to give your car to your teenager, you can also monitor the car and check their driving habits and the places they visit. Most of the dashboard cameras have a GPS camera, and you can always determine the location of the car at each time.


Become a better driver

You can become a better driver by installing a dashboard camera in your car. The camera will help you improve your driving skills in a big way. You can always know where you are going and the environment around you when driving. By using a dashboard camera, you will learn how to be keen when driving and this is a good step in improving your driving skills.

About Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defence Attorney



Criminal defense lawyers are very skilled people who are experienced in defending clients against serious and complicated criminal charges. Since people started congregating together for protection and interdependence, they have since then come up with laws and rules that help to govern them. Coincidentally, since the start of civilization, there are many people who have fallen to breaking those laws. The breaking of those laws can be minor misdemeanors to big felony criminal cases.

These charges can follow you everywhere you might go especially now that the world is regarded as global village due to advanced technology. Since you cannot escape the hand of the law, you will have to face the court of law to get justice. Some individuals get victimized, yet they are innocent while others commit the offenses unknowingly. Anyway, you can challenge the charges cast against you and become a free person if only you understand the law well or you by hiring a reputable attorney. In this regard, the following are important things you should know about a rancho Cucamonga criminal defense attorney.

Reasons for hiring a criminal defense attorney

22.nklkfjMany people are caught committing offenses for which some are minor while others are big crimes like murder. According to the research on law, at least every person all around the world has in one way committed a crime. Some are summoned by the authorities while some go scot-free because they do not have pieces of evidence attached to them. Maybe some people behind bars might feel so devastating if there were no criminal defense lawyers.

In fact, defense attorneys can help you in understand the kind of charges that you are facing. An attorney who is experienced in the law properly can help to understand your rights and other legal options. Therefore, the main reason for hiring a criminal defense attorney is to represent you when you are facing charges in the court. Lawyers ensure that you either win the case or get a bargained prison sentence.

Things to inquire from a defense attorney

Even if there is no time left to get ready for the court sessions, you need always take your time in asking your prospective attorney some important questions. In fact, this is an individual who is meant to stay between your freedom and a guilty verdict. Some of the things that you need to inquire from a defense lawyer include; the qualification and certifications, experienced to the related cases, the amount of your defense he or she can handle, the number of jury trials they have involved with, plea agreements, the cost of services and the payment method. This will help you get an attorney who will enable you to get justice or get favored by the case you are involved.

Advantages of a vigorous defense

33hofhiogioEven if you are planning to plead guilty to the charges you are facing, there are things that you can do to bargain on your sentence. These mitigating factors can help to be ruled free or get a shorter sentence. A Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense attorney will try to build a compelling and reasonable defense which gives the reasons for your actions. If at all you are found guilty, the lawyer will have to fight so that the sentence is reversed on appeal.

Reasons robots will not be replacing human security officers anytime soon

You have got a busy day ahead of you. You get into your vehicle, command it to get you to your office, open your emails from the iPad, and tell it to call your clients. As soon as alight from the car, the building opens just after identifying your face. Your personal assistant hands you a cup of tea and then retreats to its charging station.

This may sound like a typical start of your busy day? Not in 2018. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have yet to evolve to that particular point. It is not possible to replace your personal assistant with a robot and neither your security guards. The following are the reasons robots will not replace your human security guards soon.

Robots versus humans in security

Humans develop robots

It is people who carry out programming and even develop the algorithms for the robots. Therefore, no matter how advanced or sophisticated the robots are, they just perform actions and solve problems their algorithms and software allows them to do. The truth is that robots cannot think for themselves. Rather, they are built to solve a particular problem and are not equipped with the generalized intelligence.

For instance, programmed robots use sensors to get information about a given situation. They process the information and then choose the most appropriate action based on data they get. The human beings only perform the task of writing algorithms and developing software.

Role of security guards

Your private security enforcement officers do more than just patrolling malls, offices, and buildings. Security guards are usually faced with different situations where they should trust their intuition and make a sound decision. The decision can mean the difference between death and life.

In fact, sect2g3wefv6hw3ed8i2k2urity guards are the first people who respond to emergencies. They are highly trained to help individuals stay calm, take charge in emergencies, and reassure them of support. You can learn more at this website about private security and protection. It is possible to develop robots that patrol office buildings. However, during the emergency situations, it is trained security guards that can take care of the situation. Private security guards are trained to offer personal protection services to VIPs and executives. Thus, a security guard should be a person who is well-trained to think fast.

Limited capabilities of robots

As far as running after burglars, making judgment calls, squeezing into tiny spaces, and even arresting offenders, robots are yet to get there. Thus, their abilities are limited.

Portable Spas – Enjoying The Bubbles Wherever You Go



Portable outdoor spas are all the rage these days, and it is not difficult to see why. They are much easier to install and maintain, cheaper, and far more mobile than standard hot tubs, thus allowing for quick and easy relocation if necessary. In fact, the presence of a quality portable spa can also substantially increase the value of your household, and even end up being tax-deductible in case you use it for treating a variety of physical conditions, such as arthritis.

A matter of mobility

22jndgkfkjgljlWhile standard hot tubs are rather heavy and very difficult to move, portable ones, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Some companies are even known to offer help to their customers who need to transfer their new spas to their new households. At times, house sellers opt to leave their portable spas behind. In case the new homeowners do not like the location of the spa, they can simply and with very little effort move it to a location they deem is perfect.

You can take it anywhere you want

As we’ve said, standard hot tubs can be pretty heavy. The majority of portable spas do not weigh more than 50 pounds. And, to make one work its magic, all you will need is a simple power outlet. Therefore, as long as you have electricity as well as working outlets, you can enjoy in your beautiful spa at any time, regardless of the weather conditions.

If you are someone who is looking for something more adventurous, you can always take your spa with you. This is great, especially if you are an outdoor type of person who relishes in spending time in nature. Now, while in this case there might be a problem of finding an outlet, keep in mind that there are plenty of spa models that feature batteries. With such a spa, you can set up in the middle of the desert or a thick forest and enjoy the warm water and bubbles.

Main types of portable spas

Nowadays, you can easily find three major types portable spas. These are fiberglass spas, hard side spas, and inflatable ones. What makes them different? Well, an inflatable spa is very similar to a large balloon, given that it can be set up in no more than 10-15 minutes. On the other hand, hard side spas feature vinyl lining and wood panels, which make them more durable and slightly more complex to set up. Fortunately, they can still be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. Lastly, if you want the largest possible portable spa, you should go with a quality fiberglass model. These are not so much for outdoor use as they are for indoor use. However, despite their size, they can still easily fit through most doors.

The prices

11xngjhrhTo get the best impression about the prices of the inflatable and other portable spas, you should check out this site. In general, the prices of these spas range from $500 to more than $5000, depending on their weight, durability, aesthetic features, and model. The majority of them have a capacity of around 250 gallons of water and can accommodate at least 6-8 adult persons. If you want to go with the cheapest option, go with an inflatable spa. If the money is not a problem, don’t hesitate to purchase a fiberglass model.

The Search For Competent Lawyers Made Easy

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A legal battle can be frustrating if you don’t have the necessary resources. It can be draining mentally, physically and financially. This is why you are required to be armed to the teeth. A legal tug of war comes along with unlikely results. How to react to them is what matters. In the present era, we are spoiled for choices on how to reach our attorneys. We can’t compare these times to how it was back in the day. To see a lawyer and make negotiations over a case was almost impossible. You’d be forced to break into their offices if it was really serious. These days, they even publish the services they offer on the online publications. All these make it easier for us to get in touch with them and state our case to them. We can reach them through the online platforms available to us today. One of the most famous of them being through twitter.

How to get in touch with a competent lawyer

These days, everyone purports to be a legally competent lawyer. When you walk into their offices, they seem to be comfortable and have it all. In the long run, you will have to come up with ways of finding out who is genuine. Here are a few tips that will make your money stay in your pocket;

  • 22,nv,nklklknAsk to see their Academic papers from the institution where they trained. It may look as though you are prying, but at the end of the day, you are the winner. Go through these papers very carefully and ensure that they are not forged.
  • Search their official portals online and see how credible and genuine they are. If you see some missing links to the full puzzle, run away as fast as you possibly can. There is no reason for you to stick around any longer if they have no quality services to offer.
  • Have a chat with their colleagues and mates. Ask them out and talk over a cup of coffee or tea. This is one sure way of keeping things under wraps. None of them will suspect that you are up to something.
  • Ask to go through their files and see what you can find. In these files are usually the cases that they have dealt with in the past. See the number of victorious cases they have under their belts. After a rigorous search, you now know whether to entrust your case to the lawyer in question.

How Social media has contributed towards the earch for competent lawyers

33nb,mc,mnlThrough social media, every competent lawyer has been able to build a firm client base. How so? Through the following ways;

  • When we log into our respective social media accounts, we are entitled to many benefits. One great benefit is going one on one with the lawyers in question. How they express themselves will have us determine whether we are right or wrong about them. One such example is the Phllips Law Offices Twitter Account.
  • Social media reveals to us what we should expect from our lawyers.