Are you looking for the best Reviews Facebook Page?, if so then you are at the perfect place for that.Facebook has over 1.6 billion users in every month and with this number, many people have created so many reviews Facebook pages to the level where identifying the best pages is proving to be a difficult task.However, after a thorough research, we have come up with the best ten Reviews Facebook pages in the entire world that you can use for your business with the utmost trust. The Top 10 Best Reviews Facebook Page, that you will see on the web.

Red Bull

This is an example of a page whose team go hand in hand with their targeted audience.The uniqueness of the content on their page and their apps are a good evidence to this.They know what is best for their audience and how they will respond to it in their best way.One of the outstanding features of this page is their web TV; this has given the audience a good another form of interaction where they are granted the chance to interact with famous athletes.

Burt’s Bees

An outstanding feature among the many features of this page is the fact that they use videos and photos, this enables you to view their products behind the scenes.Besides, they also mention the ingredients they use for their products.

Lives cribe

This page has a customer care desk with a direct link to their Facebook page.Therefore you can ask questions or inquire anything about their products and services.


2This is another example of reviews Facebook page, it has various outstanding features, and one of them is them is coming up with unfamiliar experiences for their targeted audience.They mostly like to create a nostalgic atmosphere with their audience reminding them of their childhood experiences and by doing so, they create a platform where their fans like to visit more often.

Jones Soda

This page does a fantastic job by coming up with other ways for interaction between their fans and the page.They conduct polls every week and by doing this, they engage their fans.

The Twilight Saga

The good thing about this page is the fact they have utilized the discussion forums where the audience can post matters and others join in to comment giving their views about the posted topic.

Travel Channel

This page is unique in such a way that fans have a space to share their different experiences in traveling.You may share your own experience with others by posting it or you may read other people’s stories.


As one of the best Reviews Facebook page, this page has a distinguishing feature where fans are encouraged to take pictures with the Coca-Cola bottles.In this way, the company gets advertised to many other people.

Toy story 3

This page creates fun for the fans in addition to being functional.It is fun in a way that you can turn your image into an animation using their newly invented application.Its functionality comes in where they have made it possible for their fans to buy tickets through Facebook and this makes it fast and easy.


Chicago Grill

This page has tabs which have been meant for certain areas in their menu and besides, they use images to look more appealing to their fans.The above list provides some of the best reviews Facebook pages and their details briefly on why they are successful, these statistics come from a research carried out through interviews and customer opinions.

Top Services Provided By Electric Companies


Experts in electricity services provisions do provide an array of services to the users. Since electricity is a crucial necessity for every home, then people are tasked with the need to choose the best electricity supplier. There are many parameters that are used to determine the best supplier and one of them is the numbers of services they provide. Those that cover all services related to electricity are the best as they provide a one stop shop for these services. If you visit electric companies in Dallas, then you can compare the best companies and choose your preference. This publication covers popular services to get from them.


Electricity installation for the first time

fghfghfghfghfghgfhOnce people build a new home or premises, they will need to do a power connection from the main supply line. This will be done by the electric power supplier you choose. First, they will assess the wiring that has been done in the house and sees if it qualifies to carry the electricity and distribute it well to all corners of the building. Afterward, they will do a connection of power from the main line which is near your premises, all the way to the main meter.

Electrical wiring of the house

It is no surprise that some electricity supplier prefers to do the wiring to your house before they install the electricity. Arguably, this is to make sure that they instill the standards that they have set. One beauty of using such a service is that it will be cheap as they charge everything under one package. Further, it also ensures that the standards match well reducing the chances of electrical accidents in your home.

Electricity repairs and maintenance

Whenever people have a problem with the electricity, then their supplier must make the necessary repair services. This includes an inspection to know where the challenge is and then doing the reconnection. The good thing is that they also maintain their power lines around the areas they serve. The reputable electricity suppliers usually have dedicated customer care numbers to respond to their clients.

Billing and charging

fdhfghfghgfhfghfghgfhIrrespective of the method they use, your electricity supplier will be responsible for charging your power consumption. Today, most of them no longer bill after consumption which is inconveniencing. They have introduced the pre-paid options where people add credit to their digital electricity meters and consume until it is depleted.

Additionally, they also have the listen to all customer concerns related to billing and charges. You may need to visit their offices for such help.