Five Qualities of Good Estimating Software

a building layout

The speed of the budget calculation of a construction project determines the qualification of a contractor company. If your specialization is in the construction field, then you have to know how to get the right takeoff estimating program that suits your pace. Find that knowledge below!

Scalable Service

a measuring tape and a layoutFirst, you have to realize that you may not need all of the offered features of a program. For example, historical database, what-if analysis, and quality control checklist are several features that are not fundamental to an estimation program, especially for small projects.

However, subscribing to a service that offers limited features is also not a wise act. You should choose a product that is open to upgrading because you do not want to close your eyes to the possibilities of handling more extensive projects in the future.

High Compatibility

Your estimation program must support multiple data formats. You have to note the chances of your customers and co-workers to use different estimator. The next thing to think about is to check your estimator’s compatibility with commonly used software in the construction industry, such as Microsoft Excel and Intuit QuickBooks. The task of construction estimating requires you to collaborate with many parties. And in that case, flexibility will get you the upper hand in the competition.

Moreover, more and more executives these days prefer to use portable gadgets. You want your data to be compatible with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It will make your project presentation go smoothly anywhere and anytime.

Easy Cost Tracking Interface

An estimating program is supposed to give you a detailed calculation of the materials and construction costs of a project. Therefore, you want a program that enables you to shift between estimations fast and effortlessly because, in reality, clients often ask about the project parts incoherently. They want to know what they want to know. And as a contractor, you are better to fulfill your client’s request.

24/7 Flawless Support Service

office phoneIf anything can go wrong, they will. No matter how promising the advertisement for an estimating program is, you have to check how the company handles complains and inquiries. Even if you believe that you are an expert in using project takeoff software, there will always be updates. And the last thing you want during a presentation is an interface that looks alien to you.

You should try to contact the provided phone line, and inquire through emails. After that, see how long it takes for the company to respond to you. In fact, you should evaluate how calm and helpful the company’s representative is when you ask them about basic stuff. A good service will answer your questions without undermining you.

Safe Protection Policy

When you opt for digitalization, you need to realize that it is now without risks. And among the concerning ones, cybersecurity is the most prominent issue that you have to address before you entrust your data to a provider company.

First, you should check the estimation program provider’s reputation. You should see if there has been a disgruntled client. And if there is, try to ask for the detail.

Second, you have to ask the company about its data protection policy. What will they do if they lose your data? What will they do if there is a third party intervention?