You have got a busy day ahead of you. You get into your vehicle, command it to get you to your office, open your emails from the iPad, and tell it to call your clients. As soon as alight from the car, the building opens just after identifying your face. Your personal assistant hands you a cup of tea and then retreats to its charging station.

This may sound like a typical start of your busy day? Not in 2018. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have yet to evolve to that particular point. It is not possible to replace your personal assistant with a robot and neither your security guards. The following are the reasons robots will not replace your human security guards soon.

Robots versus humans in security

Humans develop robots

It is people who carry out programming and even develop the algorithms for the robots. Therefore, no matter how advanced or sophisticated the robots are, they just perform actions and solve problems their algorithms and software allows them to do. The truth is that robots cannot think for themselves. Rather, they are built to solve a particular problem and are not equipped with the generalized intelligence.

For instance, programmed robots use sensors to get information about a given situation. They process the information and then choose the most appropriate action based on data they get. The human beings only perform the task of writing algorithms and developing software.

Role of security guards

Your private security enforcement officers do more than just patrolling malls, offices, and buildings. Security guards are usually faced with different situations where they should trust their intuition and make a sound decision. The decision can mean the difference between death and life.

In fact, sect2g3wefv6hw3ed8i2k2urity guards are the first people who respond to emergencies. They are highly trained to help individuals stay calm, take charge in emergencies, and reassure them of support. You can learn more at this website about private security and protection. It is possible to develop robots that patrol office buildings. However, during the emergency situations, it is trained security guards that can take care of the situation. Private security guards are trained to offer personal protection services to VIPs and executives. Thus, a security guard should be a person who is well-trained to think fast.

Limited capabilities of robots

As far as running after burglars, making judgment calls, squeezing into tiny spaces, and even arresting offenders, robots are yet to get there. Thus, their abilities are limited.